Packaging plays critical role in supply chain management

Posted by Maureen Perroni on December 1, 2016

Product packaging goes beyond a box, playing a key part in everything from product handling to brand representation. For most companies this affects more than sales, most importantly supply chain management and product traceability.

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Topics: Track and Traceability, Supply Chain, Retail

The Customer is Always Right

Posted by Maureen Perroni on November 29, 2016

Businesses have been following the "customer is always right" philosophy for generations now. But when it comes to the evolving supply chain, keeping customers satisfied is becoming increasingly challenging. 

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Suppliers Depend On New Technology To Support Efficiency

Posted by Maureen Perroni on November 28, 2016

Today's shopping economy is heavily reliant on speed. It isn't just due to online shopping habits - though those have put a lot of pressure on retailers and their suppliers to deliver products quickly. New approaches to retail, such as omnichannel marketing, have also played a role.

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Don't Risk Having Your Automotive Supply Chain End Up In the Breakdown

Posted by Scott Vigneault on November 25, 2016

Are global supply chains failing to live up to the expectations of the businesses and customers who rely on them?

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[Video] Chemical Industry Combats Climate Change

Posted by Ken Allen on November 23, 2016

Many industries are doing what they can to combat climate change, either in response to consumer demands or government regulation. The chemical industry is no different, seeking to move away from certain compounds that are known to be particularly damaging.

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Topics: GHS, Chemical, Video

[Video] How Supply Chains Must Evolve For Omnichannel

Posted by Jessica Plourde Hutter on November 22, 2016

In the retail industry, businesses are seeking to attract customers with omnichannel strategies. By offering a seamless shopping experience in stores and online, retailers hope to expand their audience.

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Topics: Retail, omnichannel

Food for Thought: Labeling as a Competitive Edge

Posted by Craig Hodgson on November 22, 2016

Talk to most professionals in the Food & Beverage industry and you’ll
quickly gain consensus that labeling is critical to their operation. Consumer demand alone has called for more transparency, requiring manufacturers to list exactly what goes into their products.

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Topics: Food and Beverage, FDA, GMO labeling

Automated Barcode Reading Powers Supply Chains

Posted by Maureen Perroni on November 21, 2016

Firms need to take advantage of the latest technology to ensure that their warehouses are up to date. As businesses seek to maximize efficiency, supply chain management is front and center. Firms need to take advantage of the latest technology to ensure that their warehouses are up to date and can keep goods flowing as needed.

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Why Not Labeling to Fight Medical Device Counterfeiting?

Posted by Craig Hodgson on November 18, 2016

Imagine you go through hip replacement surgery only to find out that your new hip was
counterfeit—and defective—requiring the whole process to be repeated. Imagine the discomfort and health risk you have to endure, again. 

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Topics: UDI, Counterfeiting, FDA

GHS News To Know

Posted by Ken Allen on November 17, 2016

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification (GHS) and Labeling of Chemicals has undergone a long, slow implementation process since first being introduced by the United Nations in 1992. As of last year, a number of countries still haven't fully implemented the system. However, companies in the U.S. passed their final deadline in June 2016.

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Topics: GHS, Chemical

Government Regulations Lead To Denser Labels

Posted by Maureen Perroni on November 16, 2016

Product labels are getting denser with new information, often due to regulations. We've written before about how the demands of a global economy have increased the need for more precise supply chain and product labeling. For instance, we noted that enterprise labeling is a crucial part of bimodal supply chains. Without clear labels, efficient supply chains struggle to function at maximum capacity.

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Retailers Eliminate Supply Chain Silos To Achieve Omnichannel

Posted by Maureen Perroni on November 15, 2016

There has been a growing push among omnichannel retailers to improve their supply chain management practices. Consumers today are less likely to draw a distinction between shopping online and shopping in stores, choosing instead to casually slide between both as the situation permits.

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What exactly is Enterprise Labeling anyway?

Posted by Maureen Perroni on November 9, 2016

Labeling is no longer a tactical necessity and goes well beyond barcode software. Labeling has become a strategic imperative and C–Level executives are recognizing labeling as a mission–critical component that impacts both their top and bottom lines.

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Webinar with Perrigo: How to Optimize Labeling Across the Supply Chain

Posted by Craig Hodgson on November 4, 2016

No question that barcode labeling continues to be a critical component of today’s global supply chain, particularly in the Pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers and distributors alike rely on labeling to help ensure the uninterrupted flow of products across an extended supply chain. Evolving regulations, global distribution channels, and increasing customer demands are significant barriers to meeting labeling demands and optimizing operational efficiency.

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Topics: SAP, Pharma Labeling

Leading Industry Experts Attend SAP Best Practices Automotive

Posted by Jessica Plourde Hutter on November 3, 2016

What better place to explore best practices in automotive!  This year's Best Practice's for Automotive event took place this past week at the MGM Grand in Detroit, one of the leading locations in the automotive industry. So it’s no surprise that the event drew hundreds of industry professionals and subject matter experts.

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