Unlock the Power of Standards—and Labeling—at GS1 Connect

Posted by Craig Hodgson on May 24, 2016

Going to GS1 Connect in Washington, DC, June 1st – 3rd? Billed as the one event where organizations can “unlock the power of GS1 standards” to move their business forward, GS1 Connect is sure to attract key decision makers across a range of industries. The opportunity to hear from thought leaders as well as network with peers remains a top draw for the GS1 US community. And this year’s event promises to be just as worthwhile with a jam-packed agenda.
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“Bimodal” is the Word of the Day at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference

Posted by Josh Roffman on May 23, 2016

What do you have when physical and digital worlds converge in today’s supply chain? The answer, according to Gartner and several of the worlds leading companies, is a bimodal supply chain. During the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Summit the term bimodal has been a constant theme as analysts and companies describe the impact that the digital world has had on supply chains and how living in a hybrid world between digital and physical processes has become the norm.

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Live Webinar - Givaudan’s Success Story: Optimizing Barcode Labeling in SAP

Posted by Jessica Plourde Hutter on May 20, 2016

Organizations that want to leverage investments in their SAP systems are recognizing that labeling plays a critical role in the production and distribution of their products as well. Barcode labeling solutions, which today entail much more than just the printing of barcodes, can be fully integrated with key SAP processes to effectively and efficiently manage labeling across the supply chain, and throughout the product lifecycle. Done correctly, labeling plays a big part in helping an organization meet customer and regulatory requirements, increasing time to market and cutting costs.

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Webinar: How to Label Counterfeiters “Out of Business”

Posted by Craig Hodgson on May 19, 2016

Counterfeiting continues to be a huge problem for electronics manufacturers as they lose upwards of $168B annually in potential revenue. There are also public health and safety risks with products using counterfeit components. How can you fortify your electronics supply chain and preserve the integrity of your products every step of the way?

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Nestlé’s Supply Chain Leader Shares some Staggering Numbers

Posted by Josh Roffman on May 18, 2016

Day one at Gartner’s Supply Chain Executive conference included a fascinating keynote by Chris Tyas, Senior Vice President Global Head of Supply Chain at Nestlé.

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[Video] Warehouses Seek to Reduce Delivery Times

Posted by Craig Hodgson on May 18, 2016

All along the supply chain, consumers are demanding shorter delivery times. Companies are responding by investing heavily in their warehouses.

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[Video] Chinese Manufacturing Rushes to Automate

Posted by Maureen Perroni on May 18, 2016

 The future of manufacturing productivity belongs to robots. Across the world, rising labor costs are forcing firms to explore the benefits of automation. In both developing nations and first-world countries, thousands of human workers are steadily being replaced by machines.

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Spectrum Offers New Multi-Site Capability for Label Management and Printing Across Remote Facilities

Posted by Maureen Perroni on May 17, 2016

Today Loftware announced Loftware Spectrum 2.8, the latest release of the only 100% browser-based solution designed to meet complex, high volume customer and regulatory labeling requirements across global enterprises.

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Mobile Barcode Scanners - Shaping the Future of the Data Capture Industry

Posted by Shahroze Husain on May 16, 2016

VDC recently published a report focused on Mobile Barcode Scanners. The following blog highlights some of our thoughts on this market and its potential. 

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Appetite for traceability: Expanding Barcode Labels in the Food Supply Chain

Posted by Craig Hodgson on May 13, 2016
Companies doing business in retail grocery and foodservice are now looking to implement case-level traceability to support evolving trading partner requirements—while trying to get ahead of U.S. and international regulatory requirements like FSMA and EU1169. Broader traceability can improve response time to recalls and give you a competitive edge as others wait to adopt new standards.


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Find Out What Trends in Labeling Impact Today's Global Supply Chain

Posted by Maureen Perroni on May 12, 2016

Loftware's third annual Top 5 Trends in Enterprise Labeling Report outlines the recent shifts in barcode labeling that impact global supply chains.

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[Video] Apparel Manufacturing Poised to Be Big Job Engine

Posted by Scott Vigneault on May 11, 2016

In the developing world, apparel manufacturing is poised to employ millions of people in the coming years. But growing firms have a number of hurdles to overcome in a complex and competitive global marketplace.

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Retailers Must Embrace Innovation and Rethink Retail Labeling

Posted by Maureen Perroni on May 9, 2016

The world of retail is in a strange spot. On the surface, a reasonably strong economy helped many businesses boost sales numbers throughout 2015. However, many challenges lie just over the horizon - most notably the continuing rise of ecommerce spearheaded by Amazon.

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21 CFR Part 11 Helps to Ensure Medical Devices are Safe and Reliable

Posted by Maureen Perroni on May 6, 2016

Medical errors are silent killers. When people think about the leading causes of death in the United States, they typically cite heart disease or cancer. While it is true that these are the two factors most responsible for deaths in this country, fewer people realize that medical errors are now in third place - and may be getting even more common.

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Rich Sherman to Speak on Labeling in the Digital Supply Chain

Posted by Craig Hodgson on May 5, 2016

Ready or not, the race to digital transformation is on. Manufacturers are pressed to deliver information
rapidly, on demand, and in a variety of formats. At the same time, global regulations are requiring the tracking and tracing of materials throughout the supply chain. Barcode labeling plays a critical role in this process. Do you have the strategy in place to exploit new technologies and keep pace with your competitors?

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